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Sunday, May 13, 2007

more pillows

So will blog more later but just back from fantastic brilliant week on cruise to Alaska. It was really just a incredible week and so glad we went. Brought the big U-shaped maternity pillow and another orthopedic pillow and my wee belly wedge. First night on cruise and realized bed was solid hard with no give at all. We had 6 pillows on bed and my two maternity ones. I think the beds hard so you don't get too seasick with springs and too much motion. I realized though that I wouldn't get any sleep. So I called housekeeping at 6am and asked for more pillows.

How many pillows Mam? 4 please. You want 4 more pillows! Yes I want 4 more pillows. Are you sure Mam. Yes I'm sure. 4 please. Do you realize theres 2 more pillows in closet Mam. Yes I do, thanks - we have them on bed already, I need 4 more. Silence on end of phone. Finally I said, I'm pregnant and building a nest.. 4 more pillows came 10 minutes later..

Will post pictures later but housekeeping had no idea what to do with all the pillows when they turned down room so they just kept piling them like a tower on the bed. Last night of cruise they took our bags early and checked all the way to San Jose so I had to ask for more pillows as my own maternity ones were packed and gone. They gave me two more. They didn't have any more they said. I'm now known as pillow hog.


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