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Monday, April 30, 2007

hiccups in utero, irish speaking neices and quick as a whip nephews

so Friday night had a first. Hobbit decided to hiccup for first time (well first time I could feel it). Till 130 in morning for about an hour.... very strange feeling. Also noticed I find myself humming Irish songs more and holding my tummy. 23 weeks now and it's been hard giving up the boxing...

some cute things from my neices and nephews -

Niamh was asked could she count to ten by her Dad James who's from England. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 she said and smiled. James said well done and sat down.
Daddy, Niamh said, Yes James asked. Then Niamh smiled and then counted to 10 in Irish/Gaelige. She's two so understandably he's a bit floored, he thinks she said them right as he doesnt have any Irish. He called my sister Orla and asked did she teach her. Nope - must have been the creche.

Thanks to http://www.phouka.com/irish/ir_numbers.html for their spelling for numbers in Irish.
1 ,a haon, 2 a dó, 3 a trí, 4 a ceathair, 5 a cúig, 6 a sé, 7 a seacht, 8 a hocht, 9 a naoi, 10 deich

Then Ryan who's two was grinning like a chesire cat as you only can when you've done a lovely poo in his nappy (americans read diaper ;-)> My sister Fiona asked him - did you do a poo. No he declared. Well she asked who did the poo in your nappy then - Emma he replied as quick as a wink, blaming his sister who wasn't even in the house.

From the mouth of babes.


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