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Monday, June 11, 2007

wanted closets that hold everything like a Tardis...

So as we plow on getting nearer to the D-day (being c-section day looks like - due date is Aug 23rd but looks like we're in a week earlier -(in an aside, how strange is that, we get to pick Hobbit's birthday!) We have more organizing and clearing up to do and looking for places to store the many items we already have

From Freecycle (www.freecycle.org) sorry to keep pushing this but its fantastic concept and saved us a ton
baby crib, car seats, infant seat, infant seat snap and go stroller, high chair, baby backpack, baby swing, sewing machine, boppy, car seat, diaper pail, baby gym, clothes (girl and boy)
From Friends who are fantastic in loaning us this stuff (Sarah, Fiona, Rebekah!)
crib (freecycled other crib to a freecycler), baby swing, bouncer, baby bath, co-sleeper, enough fisher price toys to open a day care, playpen/travelling bassinet, in bed travel crib

So its fantastic that we are getting all this stuff. Now comes the where does it go challenge. That's why I think getting closets that have a TARDIS from Dr Who would work nicely. Right now you cant open any closets in our house for fear of being attacked..

A TARDIS closet would be a portal to multi-dimensional universes so I can store all the items Hobbit and I are collecting. Seems a reasonable use to me ;-)


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