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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Impressive town of Campbell Police Department

So myself and himself noticed some tagging on pavement/sidewalk outside our house Monday when we came back from a swim at the Y. (Tagging is other word for graffiti)

We already had some marks on the outside of chimney that we thought was showing that we have wireless but this just looked like graffiti on sidewalk. So I emailed Campbell Police department about it. Also noting that there was increase in cars zooming and racing up road late at night. (I can see myself now arms crossed complaining about those youngsters.. truth is though that its such a quiet street, that when you suddenly get motorbikes and cars racing at 1030pm at night outside and beeping horns nonstop ya kinda notice...)

Also with Hobbit coming, can you imagine how pissed I'll be if that wakes up a baby that just got to sleep...

Anyway.. So 9pm Monday night I sent off email. Tuesday morning at 10am knock on my door. Its a detective from Campbell Police Department! And the nice gentleman said they would get public works to clean up the pavement this week and also gave me phone number non-emergency to call if cars start racing again so they can come around. I was so so impressed.

As I sat down to write the blog - got a call and this time from Campbell dispatch at Police Department and their community outreach - I explained that Detective had been around and they were also calling to check in and follow up. What service !

Another good reason to love Campbell...


At 8:16 AM, Blogger beckah said...

i /heart campbell, ca.

& it's lovely residents.

& the scottish fair : )


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