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Sunday, June 17, 2007

sentences rarely heard from men

We were at Dr Khoo's office Friday morning. See the Gynie every 2 weeks now. She measures my belly and I get weighed and also pee test to see if there's sugar or protein in my pee. Nope for now so that's good.

Took 10 mins to get on table (kinda ironic that worse uncomfortable place for me is their table...)

Himself's phone rings.. Conversation goes like this. "Wow sorry completely forgot. I'm here at the gynecologist office. Lets reschedule." So no I'm with my wife at doctors office. Hes at the office. It was the chiro office - he missed his appointment as forgot to reschedule. They were still giggling about it when I saw the chiro doc later in afternoon. My most modern hubbie.


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