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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Things that make you go yeah !

So excellent yeah things this week

1. My sister Gra just got promoted to Sergeant in Ireland with the Garda. (that's the Irish national police force). She was third in over 230 in country so bloody excellent. She's a detective now before promotion and doesn't know where she'll be posted but shes back in uniform (which I would love as wouldn't have to think about getting ready and what to wear). I always thought that detectives rank higher than Sergeant but then again before my sister went into the force my benchmark was Cagney and Lacy shows with my Mum. (My Mum who can guess the ending of every movie folks when watching it but whom we surprise on a regular basis like birthdays no problem!)

2. Himself's wonderful Mum being given all clear from MRI. Shes going for an epidural next week for her back pain so keep her in your thoughts folks but shes all clear on MRI for cancer which is great as I know that was worrying her.

3. My Chiro's hubbie been given all clear for cancer. He had a pretty aggressive cancer of spine which is normally benign but problem is pretty aggressive and reoccurring. Hes just finished last treatment and checkup and given all clear. Which is fantastic. (A couple of weeks ago also got word my work mate Karen's boyfriend also finished his chemo and his Hodgkin's has gone into remission which is excellent and they got engaged so doubly brilliant)

4. We joined the Y! Yep - joined the local YMCA and were there yesterday for a swim. (I walked and then got chatting to an older Chinese lady who was trying to swim unsuccessfully with a kick board and helped her swim more easily with a float) proving that I will talk to anyone anywhere. She kept saying I was a great swim teacher which is funny as I suck at swimming. However she feared water more than anything and just by standing by and giving her some encouragement was biggest help. She went from not moving at all to do a lap and a half and also taught her how to float which is the best bit about water in my opinion. A side note - I was in the school swim team but thats because nobody else would do it so there was 3 excellent swimmers and me. They were so strong all I had to do was do back swim and not drown for us to win...

The Y is a fantastic place. The swimming, yoga, Pilate's is all included and best yet they have childcare there on site for $30 for the year for babies 6 weeks onwards so you can go, drop baby off and swim for 90 mins while they mind your wee one. (And since Ciara has a Y near here we can do together when her wee baby comes as well)

5. My friend Bekah is in town. We met before she came here first for a visit in 2004 for Burning Man. Long story of that section of the Sinead history but in short - great sisterchick, out here for her 30th, getting more and more independent and wonderful daily and brilliant to see her!
She and himself and myself wandered around Scottish Games here in Campbell. Lots of wee stalls to shop from and it was a brilliant day. I was walking much better than previous days (showing my fannypack that chiro, PT and swimming does work !) so that was grand. Its brilliant seeing a friend grow in their confidence of themselves. We sat Friday night on our patio and chilled with some shandy's and the fairy lights on. Always good to share nice weather and moments with friends who are like family.

6. Seeing my Mum and Dad via web cam on Skype. So my folks were over visiting my brother Colin and my sister in law Caroline and their wee baby girl Megan and they called us using his laptop and Skype Internet phone. My folks havent seen me since January so I was only 6 weeks pregnant then. So they saw me and himself on webcam and I stood up and did a whirl showing my belly (which I think is even bigger this week than last!). Great to see them as well although my Mum hasn't got hang of the web cam being on top of the laptop and she was only visable from eye glasses up till Caroline propped some pillows underneath her or fixed chair or something!

They get broadband soon so we get to see them via Skype hopefully by August. My sister Fig has Skype as well so we're all enjoying the free phone calls. www.skype.com We signed up for local plan so now $29.99 a year and all calls in US and Canada for that and international is online $0.02 a minute which is wonderfully cheap compared to AT&T etc. Jan's folks have Skype as well so we have to use that more with them so they get used to it.


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