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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

beep beep wide load reversing...

So PT lady recommended I get a walker to help me get around. The SPD been kicking my arse or fanny pack and its harder to walk in morning than evening but still getting silly how hard it is getting to just walk.

Normally they recommend crutches but usually after delivery of baby. Before delivery they recommend walker as you're off balance anyway with the large bump and after taking my medical history (a brief one) PT said that considering what a klutz I am, a walker would be much better..

In a side note my friend Kerensa had asked how many times I was in an emergency room for my upcoming shower Q&A... I won't reveal it here but lets say that its not a shock that I've been to the emergency room several times over the years and laugh when Doctors ask - have you ever been in hospital. My reply is always - inpatient / outpatient / surgery/ emergency or all above? I asked himself if he was ever in ER (or Casualty as we called it at home) and he was once there for his thumb. He asked if dental work also counted. That would be a no.. Seriously..

So I asked doc if I could get a walker with a beep beep sound so folks know I'm reversing. Also now imagining one with a seat for those feck it too tired lets sit down moments. I can see it now - a wide load sign on walker and beep beep as I turn around. My PT lady got that, my gynie didn't. Sarcasm and my sense of humor is missing somewhat with my gynie but that's OK as shes great otherwise.

Wonder if I can sell more machines this way, maybe need some violin music playing as I waddle into customers with my walker.. Please Sir buy a machine today and help your poor account rep...

So watch out Campbell here I come, slowly, but here I come..


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