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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stab, Pee, Repeat

So did the 3 hour glucose test yesterday. I was there at 730am and ready to drink my glucose drink and sit in the lab office for 3 hours. I downed the drink so quickly they were thinking I dumped in the plant. Nope that's just me, Mrs Cooperative and want to try my best. Of course I didn't realize drinking so fast would leave me feeling so queasy for the 3 hours but there ya go.

What I also didn't realise was that they had to do 5 blood samples along the 3 hours and 5 urine tests. So after first blood test, they told me to pee and I did and then let me know I needed to pee again half hour later and would stab me again in half hour... I should have saved my pee ! I thought one blood test and pee test and then another set 3 hours later. Nope... 5 of each folks.

Now I have tiny tiny veins. Well figures something that's so hidden has to be tiny on me. I regularly apologize to nurses and lab folks for my tiny veins. As my skin is so ahem white (read she's lived in Cali for 7 years and still milk bottle), my veins LOOK like they'd be easy to get. You can see them so clearly blue on my arms. But nope when they go look for them with their needle, they disappear faster than Britney Spears into crazy land.

Saying that they were very nice folks at Lab and let me sit in the lazy boy chair while they stabbed me. They even used a butterfly needle as I explained it was easier. (After trying regular one they agreed). I also drank 7 glasses of water while there to help the auld bladder along. My left and right arms today are covered in large multi-colored bruises. Thankfully with my veins and bruising I'm not a good candidate for ever doing intravenous drugs...

The Hobbit normally jumps around after a glass of say orange juice. Yesterday the Hobbit was doing the congo in morning after all that pure glucose and was quiet later - I think baby Borg tired themselves out and crashed after that sugar rush.

So results hopefully be in Friday at docs. Wish me luck folks. Don't really want gestational diabetes, who does but also I heard there's a 6 hour glucose test that some folks get sent for. Now that's even more Stab, Pee, Repeat than I need..


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