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Sunday, June 24, 2007

summertime and living is easy....

So this week Sister Chick my twin was in town and so so happy to see her. We grabbed lunch Thursday and Friday (and I picked up another Diaper Champ from a free-cycler Score!). At Flames on Thursday I gave in and had a Strawberry Napoleon. Figured if I have to give up all things sweet after doing glucose test next Monday then get the sugar shock in now. I don't even have so much of a sweet tooth but sure its Flames Strawberry Napoleon. Its temptation in every bite. That and its as big as your head... Friday we hit Max's and had a good laugh. Really missed her and was great to just sit and chinwag. As himself said to Shelia when she left - you do realize now I have to talk to my wife...
Then it was off to PT and back to work. Nice to eat lunch outside during week. Working at home means you tend to eat and work at same time and its a tray by the bed where I grab a bite while emailing or calling customers..
Saturday we grabbed lunch at Hobbees with Patricia, Adrian and their wee one who is 2 Lara. They were so sweet giving us a baby shower gift early as Patricia will be in Argentina for the shower. I still get overwhelmed with baby shower and the whole concept of them. Its just not done in Ireland but so appreciated. Both himself and Patricia are from Argentina. Myself and herself worked together for a couple of years and Patricia is super sweet and has no sarcasm gene whatsoever. Which is even funnier when paired with me and her hubby Adrian who is super sarcastic. Yesterday Lara was running around and he commented that you develop eyes in the back of your head when you're a parent. Patricia looked shocked. "Who has eyes in back of their head? that's not OK..." Explained that one a bit easier than the time Patricia said she liked my poncho and I said yep now I just look like a walking wigwam and had to try and explain that for an hour...
Then off to an Irish mate's house for a wee BBQ and swim at their house. Which was wonderful and with both their cars parked in driveway we had to go over the grass to get to the back. Which was grand but I was laughing thinking maybe I should have taken the sales man up on the walker with the cross country wheels.. Had a great time and met a lot of lovely folks.
Nice to just chill today and only plans is going to the Y for a swim and I'm going to tackle going through all those toys in the big bins in patio. There's so many you'd think I was opening a daycare. Have yourself a lovely week folks. Don't forget the sunscreen and a big glass of wine ;-)


At 8:35 AM, Blogger beckah said...

"now I just look like a walking wigwam"

*LAUGHS* seriously chica, i just laughed out loud, literally, at work.

thanks for the monday morning grins!


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