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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Did I do that?

So because it's so me and so amusing had to post. Guess who ran over her own toe with a certain walker and thought she broke it. ...

Thankfully its just all black and blue but can you imagine the conversation in ER. How did you do that miss...Well I ran over myself.. Classic Sinead moment there. In fairness was sugar test day and I was feeling shite but still classic..

Also had my Dad going for a bit. Told him I got new wheels, red, metallic, open top convertible one seater.. Nearly broke him when I told him was a walker aka Zimmer.

My Dad lives for us getting new cars. He asks about cars to ask us how we are. Hows the truck means how are you? And himselfs favorite moment when my Dad was visiting Florida is my Dad greatly (read way over) impressed by Jan's folks minivan. Lovely bus, lovely bus he kept saying while he walked around it, played with lights in back. I remember Fiona getting her first car, a banger of course that was barely held together but it was the first car any of us children had got and a HUGE deal. My Dad came out of the house walked around the car and kicked the tires first thing. Great set of wheels he said and of course sniffed. Great set of wheels.

Looking forward to him seeing the hybrid when they come out September... He'll be wanting to drive it everywhere. Which is good as I think my Mum will live in Walmart and Payless when shes here.

Another rambling moment brought to you by Sinead - the ever expanding woman...


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