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Friday, July 13, 2007

Fitting in work

Here was my schedule this week
Monday morning - Physical therapy 2 hours
Monday afternoon - Bra fitting, Lactation consultant 1& 1/2 hrs
Tuesday morning - Pregnancy Diabetes first visit and nurse dietitian 3 hour
Tuesday afternoon - wonderful chiropractor comes to my house and adjusts me - 2 hrs
Wednesday - In San Fran for work - takes half hr to get to & from car with walker to customer
Thursday - Chiropractor - 1 hr
Friday Morning - Ob-Gyn visit - 1 hour
Friday Afternoon - Physical therapy 2 hours

In between all this stabbing myself with new blood glucose testing strips 5 times a day and writing down all meals.. (FYI all blood sugar levels have been absolutely normal which leads me to think only thing I am glucose intolerant to is the bloody 100mg of glucose given in the dubious GD test...)

Trying to fit work into this schedule..



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