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Friday, July 13, 2007

oh what lovely nipples you have...

So maybe a wee bit rude but sure figure if I can talk about farting and being preggers then this title is OK...

So I've posted before about trying to find good bras for breastfeeding and general over the shoulder boulder holders when you're a much more large chested lady. Every time I put in my bra size to look on Internet all I got was a selection of porn sites.. That's another post in itself (aside note a good porn name for me might be Lucky Charms ;-) Americans will get that reference to lucky charms kid's cereal and Irish folks probably won't except from Austin Power movies..)

So a week and half ago while at my Ob-Gyn office I saw a leaflet for the breast feeding network and a nurse who's a lactation consultant and does bra fittings. So I called and heard a message that Judy the nurse was out on vacation her voicemail and left a message to talk to her when she returned. Saturday before the tour of hospital and baby shower Judy called me and we set up an appointment for Monday. Seemed very nice on phone and I was looking forward to getting a breast feeding bra that doesn't squash the auld melons under my armpits the way the ones I got do..

So at Baby Shower one of the girls Michelle who I worked with when I was a IT recruiter 6 years ago gives me a lovely wee pooh bedding gift and also a leaflet. Its her Mum she said and shes a lactation consultant in case I need one. I look at the address and laugh. Is your Mums name Judy I said and was she on holiday last week. We were all camping says she amazed at my psychic power. I said sure don't I have an appointment with her Monday already... Small small world folks. San Jose is still a million people after all.

So Monday I went to see Judy for a bra fitting and general chat about breastfeeding as I wanted to get to know her if I need her post hospital for feeding. She said with my fair skin and auburn coloring that will be a bit sore but shouldn't be too bad. Going around house without bra and very very brief bathing topless should help toughen a wee bit for nipples but don't do anymore than that. She told me about women who take toothbrushes to their nipples beforehand in a mistaken attempt to toughen their nipples up and I just cringed at that... (so no trying that at home folks..)

So got two great breastfeeding bras that also can get bigger as needed in cups when milk comes in. Very comfy and turns out I was right - I haven't got bigger cup size just heavier. Now a 42H - so my bras are also good for doubling up as rugby headgear if needed as well.. ;-)

And then Judy the nurse told me a sentence that you just don't hear that often. She was showing me good holds for breastfeeding and said - you have excellent nipples....

And do you know what with everything else going on, yes I do..


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