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Thursday, July 19, 2007

good bleeding

So some recommendations from mates about pricking side of finger which hurts less for blood testing. They recommended that and doing it. Only problem is the only digit that seems to bleed easily is my left thumb. I think maybe because I have such a high platelet count with the lack of spleen that I'm not a good bleeder, I stop bleeding really quickly. I tried 'milking' my other fingers to get a good blood flow there and the blood drop isn't big enough for their blood strip and I kept getting errors. So back to that one left thumb that bleeds well but is getting a wee bit tired of me stabbing it. I tried the right thumb and that also bleeds but too strange for me as I'm very much a right handed person. So see the docs today at the Diabetes program. Who's not surprised that all my bloods been normal....


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