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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Imelda Marcos or cinderellas ugly sister's feet

So in clearing out our closet in our bedroom and the closet in Hobbit's room himself noted that I maybe ahem ...had too many shoes. In a good grief there's at least 30 pairs of shoes in this closet. (he didn't see collection in other closet...) Now when most of you think of a woman's shoe collection, you're probably thinking high heels, a collection that Sex in the City would be proud of.
Mine is more a http://www.payless.com/ shoes clumpy shoe collection. Although I do like that I have a range from flowery doc marten boots to hiking boots to various clogs including some furry looking ones. And for those who don't know your AAA card for auto gets you 10% discount at Payless. Yep its true, even cheaper and even when they have their buy one get half off sale. I feel a tear of bargain hunting welling up here...
So Yep its not sexy my shoe collection but sure is comfy. Until late pregnancy when your feet become barges and you cant actually physically fit into any shoes any more. Then I had to move beyond my REI www.rei.com clogs, my doc marten slip on black industrial shoes.. Even my flip flops (which are slip on as having a flip flop strap between my toes is up there on creepy for me. Its like wearing elastic around my ankles or wrists, cant do it. Freaks me out.
Anyhoo. So when I was in the pool store I saw the Crocs or Airwalkers. I decided to try a pair for the pool. And wow and behold, they were so comfy I decided to keep them on and pay the nice lady up front. I joked and said they were ugly but most comfy shoe ever. She said yep look at my feet and she had crocs on as well. She said she couldn't work in anything else.

So then I went to Payless as I had bought my Mum a gift card for Payless for when she comes over. My Mums circuit of stores when she comes to states is Walmart, Costco, Payless and go back and repeat.
Also in those directions is never try anything on even if dressing room available and then go home try on and decide doesn't fit and ask daughter to bring you back again...Once in New Hampshire when Grainne was getting married, we went back to same Walmart 4 times with same pair of trousers. Got to the point security card waved to her when she kept coming in. She'd swap for another size, come home try on and then decide didn't fit... I tried to stop this last time in the Florida Walmart by having her try on the bras and wouldn't leave till she did. I even brought over some different sizes.. What happened, well we get home and she tries on again and decides that even though fit in store doesn't fit now.... So back to store next day we go. Pointing this out now as I'm not that psychic to see what happens when she comes out September for Hobbit. I programmed Walmart, Payless, Target and Costco into the GPS so lets see how many repeat visits we need for returns...

Anyway back to the comfy shoes. So Payless also had these shoes and at $14 with of course buy one and get one half price as well. So bought some more (and used the AAA card for more discount of course!). They look silly. I have a navy pair, a light blue pair and a black pair of mary jane ones and you cant take them off my feet as they are fantastic! My feet even stopped swelling wearing them. Haven't got a clue why but I'll take less cankles any day.
I told Ciara my fellow pregnant friend about them. Yep not wearing those she said. Don't care how comfy, rather be a victim of fashion she said.
I'd be too but there's no fashion ones to fit these plates of meat end of my ankles...

So I cleared out a lot of my shoes for www.freecycle.org , with himself making fun of me as still have quite a collection. However I can only wear at moment the crocs. The rest look like I'm one of the ugly sisters trying to jam a ill fitting shoe on..
So I'm moved on Imelda. I'm moved beyond clumpy to the most comfy shoe ever. Now I like I am a smurf..

But even with my plastic large shoes, I like the sign that says whoever has most shoes wins..


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