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Thursday, July 26, 2007

how many !

So a friend Brad is under the weather. His wife Kerensa told us that he has chicken pox poor guy. Never fun and especially as an adult. So in asking if they needed anything she was mentioning how much he loved Klondike ice cream bars and moon pies. Moon Pies I asked -what are they?

So looking up Moon pie
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A moon pie or MoonPie® [1] is a pastry invented around 1917. [2] A MoonPie consists of two graham crackers shaped into round cookies, with marshmallow filling in the center. The confection is then dipped in chocolate (or other flavors).

Reminds me of first time working at a special needs camp in States where we were told we were having a smores night and bonfire with the disabled campers we were looking after. So all the counselors were British and Irish and hadn't a clue what a smore was. So when we went back to cabin and saw the firewood at fire we lit the fire pit but couldn't understand why they had given us bags of marsh mellows, chocolate bars and graham crackers. Not knowing what to do we lit the fire, then passed out marshmellows till all gone, then passed around chocolate bars till eaten and then passed around graham crackers thinking it was the crappiest snacks they had yet given us. Poor campers thought we were the ones low on the IQ scale... So anyway back to moon pies..
Seems moon pies are a big thing in the south where Brads from. So decided to send him some to cheer him up. I found a website that delivers http://www.nationwidecandy.com/ and ordered three each of chocolate, strawberry, banana and two more of larger chocolate one. That should be good I thought and was surprised the shipping was nearly as much at the pies but thought no more of it.

Later on I checked the website to see if the order had shipped. Then I noticed a word I had missed before. DZ.

Standing of course for a dozen. So I called Nationwide Candy who told me the order had shipped. Ummm how many Moon Pies did I order I asked? 11 I said ? She said yes - 11 dozen. Holy Moley...

Little did I know that nationwide candy sells to movie theatres and the like .... not really for single folks.. So now Brad has 132 moon pies on his way over to him.

Hope he likes Moon Pies folks...


At 11:06 PM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

No way! Your camp sounds like one I worked at. Most of the counselors at Camp Jened, in upstate NY were from everywhere but the U.S. I can so see you working a fire ring too!


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