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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh thats what they're for!

So himself declared proudly to all at http://www.zazzle.com/ that he was off to learn how to breastfeed Tuesday night ;-) I was rereading the breast feeding book - Oh that's what they're for so very apt for the breast feeding class we went to.
Good Sam Hospital here has excellent classes for new parents www.parentingandbreastfeeding.com/ and so we did CPR a few weeks ago and Tuesday night was breastfeeding. Run by a great lactation specialist it was a very informative class without us flashing anyone which was a relief....
They had weighted dolls 4 1/2 pounds for us to practice holds on and surprising how heavy they are when most babies are in 8 pounds range now when born. The class was fantastic but the auditorium was hell. The seats are pretty small especially when all the women are at least 35 weeks pregnant and with swelling cankles. That would have been OK as the teacher was good at giving us wee breaks but the AC was also broken and we were all sweating like it was hades... Not a pretty sight. Looking forward to going to the mothers group there post birth though as sounds like its pretty supportive. Also just chatting to women in bathrooms when we were on a constant bathroom breaks it was nice to talk to some fellow mums to be..
We're heading off to another class tonight - Off on the Right Foot. I haven't got a clue what this one is about but sure signed us up anyway ;-) Saturday we have a full day childcare express (instead of doing it over 4 weeks). Its getting close folks and I'm fine with Hobbit staying in till c-section date. That would give us a couple of weeks just to get stuff ready at home and relaxed as much as possible as you can be for whirlwind change.
Also typed up birth plan and check list last night for the trip to hospital. At top of birth plan is my intention to wear my wedding tiara during c-section. Lets face it, theres not many places I get to wear it after the wedding and as I said in plan, the top of me will feel like a princess even if bottom doesn't ;-) Also in plan I let know they can feel free to wheel himself out of OR if he faints in the wheelchair. Lets face it - he cant watch House MD so blood and guts in flesh real time might be a wee too much but lets see.
And only 6 more days left at work. Well since I work from home now anyway 100% kinda hard to switch off but I'll give it a good Irish try folks ;-) We actually had a super month of selling so be nice to get some checks while I'm out on leave from bonus and stuff. Trying to squeeze in training with Whitney who's covering for me as well as finishing up. All is going grand though and I know my boss and Dev are a bit panicked but sure the world will spin without me being at the job... ;-)


At 3:04 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

Also typed up birth plan and check list last night for the trip to hospital.

Of COURSE you did! ;) Glad all is going well. I think you should be able to wear the tiara the entire last month, though! All moms deserve as much pampering as possible during this time.


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