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Friday, July 27, 2007

Burrito Baby

So off to the Right foot class we took last night was a hands on how to take care of baby class. Just in case you were up all night wondering what did we learn ... ;-)
So they went over the general this will be how your baby looks after birth and some common skin and cosmetic stuff so you're not going Doctor help my baby has a cone head... Also they did some hand on practice on putting on cloth diaper, disposable diaper, onsie, and swaddling baby - hence the burrito baby title. It was a good class and very hands on. At the start she had us all introduce ourselves, due date and if we were having a boy or girl. Out of 12 couples myself and himself were only ones to say we don't know the sex of the baby.. It has been hard not to find out especially during the scans when the doctors and medical staff are just bursting to tell you.. Himself keeps wondering as our Ob-Gyn changes her pronouns plus he thinks its a girl since we have so many free boy clothes... I don't mind either and just praying for a healthy wee Hobbit.
So himself and myself thought that the all day class Saturday was the class we did last night. So we asked some of other couples at class. Its labor and delivery class they said. Well I thought, I know were not going through that and the c-section I already know whats going to happen so why go sit really really uncomfortably for 8 hours in a class and watch my cankles swell up and feel shite to learn about how to breathe in labor when we know that's not happening.... So we took executive decision and cancelled our class. Sure himself make an excellent labor coach but sure all I need to know is the nice doctor with the drugs will be available when I do the c-section...


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