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Monday, July 30, 2007

Camp Loyaltown

So while WILFing over weekend (skimming over Internet in a What am I Looking For moment) I typed in Camp Loyaltown. And I found an unofficial website http://www.loyaltownalum.com/ for other counselors , shot some emails off to long lost friends and so far in contact with three of them already! Gotta love the Internet.

A fellow blogger http://dearhomefront.blogspot.com/who's blogs I love to read now had commented on a previous blog re also working at a Camp where all the counselors were Irish or British (and I'm sure as clueless as me about American customs).

So thinking back to camp I had such a great few years there and it was wonderful to go and spend 10 weeks locked away from the world in this small goldfish bowl of reality where you just spent days and nights with fellow counselors from around the world and working with some of the best characters I ever had the pleasure of helping the campers..
Also the culture differences from not being American, my favorite goof ups were us not knowing how to make smores, another one was us not realizing Americans put month/day/year instead of day/month/year. This wouldn't normally make a difference at a Camp where time really doesn't matter or whats happening outside in the world except for the poor campers birthday. We celebrated a few campers birthdays at camp with a look of surprise on the campers faces when the cake came out at dinner time in mess hall and a few campers crying it was their birthday and us telling them it wasn't.... The campers who had birthdays by accident of course didn't tell us, smart enough to keep eating the cake. It was only when we ran into a birthday over 12 in middle date that we thought whats this then...


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