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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

one less thing to do

So talked to three of the Cord Blood Companies - one of them was playing phone tag and leaving messages for so decided not to go with them as not a good sign for emergencies...

Decided to go with cyrocell - they not only have incentives like

they put 2% of your fee and annual storage fees into U-promise for college fees
$50K –if graft fails if they try and transplant
$10K medical help for transplant if needed
Will pay for doctor procedure up to $175 if charged for collection
No late enrollment and Ship collection kit overnight no extra charge
Accreditation beyond what is needed

Also took $325 off fee so that also helped. I liked the fact they very honest about that in all likely hood will never need the cord blood so more of an insurance. Hopefully will never need it...


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