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Sunday, August 05, 2007

nesting me?....

So a few years ago in a different apartment, I had a wonderful roommate Frankie, a lovely person but what was even better is that she LOVED to organize and so me being challenged in that direction when it came to closets etc she took over. I had left her half the bathroom space for her when she moved in with me and she asked if she could also organize my stuff as well while she was at it. Oh no Fox said Rabbit don't throw me into the Briar Patch.. that was my comment. Poor Frankie probably couldn't stand looking at my mess any more and was killing her. So she went and organized all my makeup into categories..., all my jewellery, all my toiletries. I'll be honest I cried some tears of happiness.

So being preggers - you hear about nesting. Up to now has mainly been me delegating to himself re storage and clearing out closets etc. He's gone off and bought easy to put together mini sheds for outside from OSH. Also we have now 4 more bookshelves and 3 more closet organizers and shelves in our apartment which were needed. Well I think its starting to happen now that I feel like organizing myself - I had carpets cleaned, cleaners coming again this week and I just finished shopping on http://www.stacksandstacks.com/ a site for gasp... organization.

Here's list of stuff that I got that I chalk up to nesting

  • I bought some lazy Susan's folks so I can organize my spices next week. Seriously.. I know grab up a chair in case you go faint.

  • As well bought a grocery cart (Irish folks read shopping trolley) that folds with wheels (all I need is a blue hair rinse) but will be handy for me wheeling laundry out (note to Americans, senior ladies in British Isles fond of dying their hair blue as got older),

  • Laptop desk with wheels as figure the trays i have been using wont cut it with me trying to feed Hobbit,

  • Vitamin organizer ( I know I feel so old!),

  • Under shelf platter holder (as now balances on fridge/freezer threatening to brain some poor Joe who tries to use it,

  • Dots for the bath so you don't slip on your arse,

  • Over the toilet tank magazine racks (yep I love to read in there),

  • Bathtub shelf (always had one of these growing up and was missing them in bath),

  • Clothesline for patio that can pull back and retract as its a bit silly with 90% sun that we use the dryer (OK we actually drop off at nice laundry folks but with me at home and baby clothes to wash more frequently we should use the washer on site here)

  • Microwave kettle - figure handy for hospital and also for taking with us away

  • Grocery cart liners - we use black plastic garbage bags right now and bit silly as waste of money and goes nicely in our wheelie grocery cart.

Also we were at Walgreens earlier where himself came in so I didn't go completely mental shopping where bought some plastic organizers with drawers like the ones dear Frankie organized my makeup in to clear up bathroom area and a larger one for that bathroom to put diapers in (nappies for the overseas folks) and a handheld spray for washing baby in the sink or bathtub.

Next thing you know I'll be clearing out the food pantry and getting that organized... Just call me Martha folks just call me Martha..


At 11:58 PM, Blogger The Hiking Viking said...

I'm revoking your interne... i mean credit card privs. Actually, both your internet AND your credit card privs. :)

At 11:53 AM, Blogger raqgold said...

okay, am calling you martha, yuhoo! -- you are doing great. i love your to do list. i hope you enjoyed the look of your labor :-)


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