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Friday, August 03, 2007

Last Day of Work whoo whoo.. well kinda...

So today is my last day of work.. Well kinda. I work mainly at home (last month pretty much 100% at home) and been training Whitney myself and Devs new fantastic sidekick on the wonderful world of work and how to jump over, go under and through the red tape we work with to actually sell a copier... (won't bore you but its pretty amazing that we sell any considering what we have to go through...)

As I'm the more customer orientated and paper person out of me and Dev (as a team the office calls us Denade) its up to me to pass on the torch. So Whit bless her has been coming round at 730am, 830am etc to learn what she can. Now the office calls us Dewade. Actually I came up that one and passed onto our boss who had started desinswite and we thought that was shite and knocked it down.

My boss is a funny boss. Outstanding sales and support for his staff. Has staff there with him over 13 yrs which is a world record for sales people. Hes not into micromanagement at all and very good for an adult to work for. If you need lots of handholding not the boss for you. But for me who I have discovered does really well when a manager lets me do my job well and just keeps them updated so I am my own boss but with the support when needed he's fantastic. Hes pretty challenged (read crap) though at communication sometimes and when you send him an email with say 5 questions bullet pointed his answer is thus

Which of course is maddening when you are trying to understand - well which one was a yes and how could answer to number three be a yes at all? I joke with him that he needs a magic 8 ball to answer questions - be at least a bit more constructive...

So anyhoo, today is my last day and I go on disability leave. My doc is kinda shocked I haven't been on leave already but explained boss let me sit at home and email and call folks but now harder to do. With the belly finally bigger than the boobs the auld laptop doesnt balance as well.... Only 19 more days and get to be a Mammy Please God.. gulp..

So my work partner is in a panic that I am leaving the planet or something (which I'm sure will be case for a couple of weeks after Hobbit is here but for meantime over next two weeks not the case at all). I explained a few times that they can still call me and email me and sure I'll be blogging away and checking email when I can. (had a dream that I wrote blogs and got himself to post while I'm in hospital.. lets see...)

Started sending out notices to customers last night telling them I would be out till January. Getting some nice notes back from customers which is always nice. Its not a sexy job but I like it a lot and my background of customer care works well here. That I get paid well for working smart instead of hard and no one is biting me so works all round really....

OK Soapbox time re maternity leave in USA. America has pretty much crap or nonexistent pregnancy leave (don't forget I'm from Ireland/Europe where not only do they have hospitals just for shock having babies with midwifes standard so surprise surprise c-sections are normal 5% of delivery compared to here in States where its nearly 30-50%...) but also they have nurses who come to your home yes your home for visits till your kids are 3 on a regular basis to check on development and see how Mammy and baby is doing. That and most Mums are paid off at least 6 months and sometimes more.

Here in states - some states have no leave at all and you need to use the two weeks vacation you have and that's it. Luckily I live in California which has 8 weeks for c-sections and 4 weeks before which I am only taking 2 of and then 6 weeks bonding leave you can take afterwards. I am taking more as with the SPD and all rest I should be able to take till mid January which I'm sure will still be very hard to do but I can go back to work part-time then.

So crossing fingers that Hobbit stays in till c-section so Mammy can finish up all the last wee items on her list. And of course I have a list. I have spreadsheets! Himself's co workers at a previous job told him that he needed a good project manager and when we got married Jan said in his speech that he had finally found his project manager. Although there was some teasing that maybe I had that excel spreadsheet ready to go for the wedding before I met him... I didn't but sure I had something like it..

So Happy Friday folks. This is my last work Friday well officially for a while. It will be longest planned break I take from work and I know full well its not a vacation coming but still, nice being an adult and thinking I can sleep in a wee bit come Monday morning (well if I could which being 37 weeks preggers seems to make impossible but if I could I would!)

We're off to stay tonight at a local hotel with a jacuzzi tub so I can have my wee dream of a bath I can fit in without needed butter or a crane to get out off...

Happy Friday and hope you have a wonderful weekend!


At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are too funny...and btw aren't you not suppose to sit in a tub while pregnant>??? something about boiling the baby??? or infection??? be careful....hope this finds you well...
tamra (PEDAL)

At 8:27 PM, Blogger Diary of an Irish Woman said...

no panic folks. Baths are safe as long as not too hot and no jacuzzi bubbles. This was a nice safe HUGE tub with warm not too hot water so me and Hobbit are grand and much more relaxed for it. Also the shandy helped... ;-)


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