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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

support group

So yesterday I took myself to the Good Sam hospital breast feeding support group. The teacher had said we were welcome to come pre-baby to get an idea of the group and how it could help. So I decided to go as I know my friend who's expecting will not be breast feeding so wanted to line up some support in advance as I heard makes a big difference in sticking with breastfeeding new baby. The group was lovely. Mums with babies from 3 weeks old to 7 months old and a great lactation specialist who was answering questions and giving hands on help. She also was updating us with news. Turns out that now you can fly on airlines with bottled breast milk without having to taste it in front of the security guards and also can bring it on without a baby in tow. I remember my poor brother in law having to taste the milk in London before getting on to show it was milk. It was more embarrassment than anything else so glad to see they relaxed that rule.
So I wheeled myself to the front and sat down behind a nice lady who immediately said hello and had a lovely wee 4 month old who I asked his name and she told me and it was an Irish name and we looked at each other hearing each others Irish accent and laughed. I sat down beside the one other Irish person in a room of 30 plus women... Her and her hubby live about 20 miles away but she comes down for the group and was great to talk to her. Shes coming to see me in hospital next week and gave me a Maya wrap to use! I know that when I can make it will be heading to the group - great way to ask questions, get support and also meet new Mummys so folks were swapping all kinds of advice re feeding, sleeping and where you could see a movie with a newborn ;-)
Afterwards went to the Y for a quick wee soak in the pool. Its a great center and they also have babysitting from 6 weeks on so I'll be taking advantage of that so I can get a wee swim in and start back in Pilate's which should help strengthen this pelvis and back.
Then came home all relaxed and made himself and myself some chicken sweet and sour and rice with pineapples and bell peppers. The shock was that I made enough for two, we didn't have any leftovers! I'm very proud - especially with my history of making dinner for two but serving too much like there was 8 eating. Himself still teases me about first dinner I ever made him where I served rack of lamb, 6 pork chops, 10 potatoes, risotto rice, apple and sage stuffing, red wine stuffing, gravy , sweetcorn and made a banoffee pie - just for the two of us. Poor bugger at one point was afraid he'd have to eat it all... (and old roommate from England reminded me of the shopping list I sent him and other guy to supermarket with where I had 5 chickens on list for the 3 of us... I blame the change coming from a family of 8 but I don't think anyone is buying that - I'm just one of those folks who hoard food like theres a siege coming..)
So to go from those extremes to two empty plates last night with no leftovers... I'm kinda proud folks..
Only 6 more sleeps to go!


At 10:22 AM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

Yeah for you, I'm so excited for you! I'm glad you found a kindred spirit at the meeting, it will help a lot.


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