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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Patio tastic..

So yesterday was a slow moving day in morning. I didn't sleep much night before (also himself told me funny story that two nights ago he had a dream for the night he was on cruise ship..) Ya think me tossing the bed left and right had anything to do with that.... You think with all the pillows I have would work. My HUGE u-shaped pillow, my 5 other pillows for trying to keep me upright and my special orthopedic one for my neck. No wonder I get hot - I'm insulated like the Michelin man but alas the pillows help but don't solve the separated pelvis.. No worries though as I know will get better. Also got some zz's last night as had bed to myself :-) Himself is a much happier camper after getting a good night rest in baby room.

I met my good mate Ciara for lunch at Hobees yesterday (nice local restaurant healthy food). She's also preggers and expecting Sept 7th PG. Although shes hoping to go earlier as its her 2nd(that and some comment about baby not having same star sign as her sister..;-). Had a lovely lunch and we're already booked for pamper Mammy to be day on Friday with manicures, pedicures and hairdressers. Very important for all those photos with your eyes bloodshot from labor.. So nice to go for lunch during what would normally be work. Felt very decadent..

Although fair enough during c-section my hair will be offset with my Wedding Tiara on my head in the operating room. I even put it in my birth plan that I get to wear my Tiara, much to the amusement of my sister Orla who's a midwife in Ireland who said she'd run like hell away from a pregnant lady like me with a birth plan like that.. No confidence these folks. Might as well feel like a princess on top even if bottom doesn't. I have Tiara packed in bag for hospital ready to go :-) Just feel like there's not enough places I get to wear the Tiara ;-)

Then came home after lunch did some work for my workmates for couple of hours and then went to town on the patio, replanting the new plants, cleaning up, did a load of laundry of new baby clothes (please note my family I need NO new baby clothes until Hobbits about a year old, seriously..), started on list for freecycle items, cooked a chicken curry for himself for later (which is amazing as I haven't been able to go near curry since becoming pregnant but he deserved it after all the kicking and tossing and pillow thumping he had to put up with trying to sleep with me in same bed..).

Also contacted the folks at http://www.magickitchen.com/ who Susan recommended. These folks cook and deliver a week full of meals to your door in dry ice. Nice cooked home meals. Very handy for us with c-section recovery on menu.. So booked and told them we'd call to let them know when to deliver as plan is need it week following home but have to see how long nice insurance folks let me stay in hospital for and also if mother nature will let us go to c-section date. Figure a week of precooked dinners that he just has to heat up will be good. Otherwise be pizza and Chinese on menu for week and I wont actually be able to fit through doors without buttering me either side... I love America for things like that. A company that cooks food for you and delivers for a week. They are also taking all things mushroom off the menu too as he is allergic to mushrooms. 6 days of dinner for two of us including some desserts for $89 though what a bargain. Have to be careful of not liking too much or I may never cook again ;-)

So by time himself was home I was fairly pooped from all that activity. So today is clean up bedroom day (be nice if I could see that chair), put away the clothes I got for breastfeeding from www.motherwear.com (handy tops that have hidden holes so you can breastfeed without taking whole tops of) and put away laundry that I also picked up yesterday and himself brought in from car this morning (nice laundry man put in car for me yesterday and gave me a hug as well, I love our town !).

Then I may even get to sit down and watch some TV or read a book. Well I can dream anyway about it... First thing before bedroom clean is a cup of tea..

Have a lovely Thursday folks.


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