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Friday, August 10, 2007

I can see clearly now the clothes are gone...

So not much to update except
drum roll
The bedroom is clean. I can now see not only the floor ladies and gentlemen but also the chair and all the clothes are put away neatly! I even cleared under the bathroom sink - huffing and puffing mind you but theres two big black plastic bags of recycled magazines to testify to that fact. We don't so much read in bathroom as have a library in there. Thankfully we have two bathrooms or there'd be out and out war. Growing up I was always frustrated that I couldn't read in the bathroom, jeez ya think the other 5 siblings and two parents and sometimes Granddad would figure out another bathroom to go to.. Oh wait we only had one ;-) Bath times were the worst as I love to read a good book in the bath. Especially as my Mum nearly killed me for bringing a TV set into the bathroom once when I was a teenager. My point that it was over far side of room so not near me and bathtub went unheeded... Nearly became a Darwin Award winner from that one.
And I slept 3 hours in a row last night - you can't see it but I'm doing the preggers happy dance. Which mainly involves gently swaying side to side and pumping of hands. OK done now. Off to Ob-Gyn again today where himself will demonstrate his WWF (wrestling skills) throwing his very pregnant 38 week wife on top of the doctors exam table as I cant get up on it with the large step and well lack of it moving down towards me. He's earning those brownie points I can tell you. Then off to hairdresser this afternoon and then meeting Ciara for manicure and pedicure where I can imagine the green tea is a lovely big glass of white wine with a french roll with melted brie and garlic on it.
Repacked my hospital bag last night as obviously I was insane when I first packed it having 5 wee hotel sample bottles of body lotion but no shampoo or conditioner... I also nearly forgot most important item (don't worry Tiara is packed) but my Irish Teabags! And my wonderful sister Orla had just sent me a box of Irish Lyon Teabags as well. Liquid gold folks. Now to wait on my new microwave kettle from stacks and stacks to see if I can make a real decent cup of tea with it and my teabags.. I don't pretend to be anything but a tea snob so we'll see ;-)
Happy Friday :-)


At 2:52 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

If you're looking for something tea-wise to make tea at the hospital, I highly recommend a Hot Pot (not to be confused with a crock pot, lol). I traveled with mine all the time. They're really cheap (at any Longs or Walgreens), super light, and boil water really quickly with any standard outlet:



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