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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Riverdance the sequel..

So Friday morning myself and himself popped over to the Ob-Gyn office for our now weekly checkup.

Did well going into the office and himself has it down smooth his throwing me ontop of the table for the doctor to check me and Hobbit out since I cant climb on it with the separated pelvis. Doc asked me how it was going and I mentioned that Hobbit wasn't moving much last two days, I had used the doppler at home to listen to the baby's heart so knew all was OK but figured maybe the growing size meant couldn't move too much.

Doc asked us to go to Labor and Delivery at hospital to do a stress test and monitoring just to make sure all is OK. So we went straight from the doctors office and I kept saying, well Hobbit cant come now because I still have to finish my to do list and I want next week to relax some! I sat in the walker and himself pushed me to labor and delivery. Its kind of funny that the furthest elevator away and longest walk is labor and delivery so all these poor Mummys are panting and waddling to get there.

We checked in and they put us in a room and nurse told me to get into bed. They left a gown so we weren't sure was I supposed to get undressed or not. So himself went out to ask and he was a bit in shock really as the words labor and delivery are bringing home what is soon to happen. There's a couple outside that have been at some of our classes who asks himself with a big smile so are you guys having a boy or a girl? Jan answers that we don't know and the guy says well mozaltov anyway and hes beaming as his poor wife who is in real labor obviously is panting and huffing and giving her hubbie death looks. Himself finds out that I don't need to be naked and comes back and tells me. I climb onto the bed, who am I kidding, I take a running lumbering jump like a bear and throw myself onto the bed and then the lovely nurse comes and hooks me up with a belt around my tummy for Hobbits heartbeat and one for contractions/movement.

As soon as she did that then Hobbit didn't just kick some, the baby started kicking so hard the monitor was being kicked off me. We could all hear the heartbeat nice and loud and strong but even the nurse was laughing then as we watched my belly dance pretty much nonstop for 30 minutes. I felt bad for being there in first place and she said not to worry that its better to come in and check then not check and often baby starts moving around when hooked up but not usually this much. Its starting to look like Hobbit is doing their own version of Riverdance....

So all clear after 35 minutes I get up and we waddle out. Our wee practice run till D-Day. I was just happy that wasn't real thing as I had hairdresser booked and then was meeting Ciara for pedicure and manicure at Le Spa Campbell. We were both treating ourselves as rarely go and wanted to both spoil ourselves and be yummy to be Mummys.

So here's me in hospital with the belts on for test. (more flattering photo than the ones himself took from my feet looking up towards my belly which looked more like should be accompanied by an old man saying, and there be whales...
And now doing kick counts during the day and Hobbits up to 30 kicks in last hour. I'm telling you those fame legwarmers are going to come in handy...


At 1:06 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

lol- that's all quite a mental image! If you name the child "Flatley", we'll blame it on the hormones ;)

At 7:33 AM, Blogger raqgold said...

waddle, that's the right word, hahaha! good to hear everything was ok, though you are right to talk to your doctor about it! i cant wait for the baby, oops... dont mind me, i just love being preggy i tend to be overly emotionalize for the other future moms!


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