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Friday, August 10, 2007

from mouth of babes

So called my sister Fiona Thursday and got Rachel my 6 yr old niece and Godchild who answered the phone. They are just back from holiday in France and Rachel and her sisters had a ball. Then she started asking about Hobbit

Rachel - Do you have a name yet for your baby boy Auntie Sinead?
Me- I don't know if its a baby boy Rachel, we don't know if its a boy or a girl.
Rachel - Well Everyone says its a boy Auntie Sinead, like everyone. They cant see you with a baby girl and I cant either.
Me- Well we'll see when baby comes
Rachel - When is baby coming ?

I pause for a moment - my sister tells her kids events are going to be in so many 'sleeps' as time is a difficult concept so we always say 10 sleeps etc for 10 days time etc and then throw in some extra time just to make sure we're covered for the ever asked - is it here yet?, or is it time yet ?questions that always follows :-)

Me- Well Rachel its 17 sleeps so by the end of August.
Rachel - Boy I better tell Mammy is she wrong - she told us you're getting the new baby at Christmas, wont she be surprised its coming sooner...

I laughed out loud. I had tried to add some extra days on so my nieces wouldn't be plaguing their Mum with is it here yet and Fiona had done one better and added on nearly 4 months instead. Rachel was delighted that she knew something that her Mammy didn't and so I left it at that.

With my to do list to finish I could do with the extra sleeps ...


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