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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

hairy right side

So a while ago, I think at start of blogging about the strange things during pregnancy that no body tells you I mentioned that I did have more hair growth - on my head which is great but also just under my right arm pit. My left is still pretty much slow and non-growing. I'm quite happy about that as I'm one of those women who never needed to shave her legs and I have such fine fair hair on legs and arms you cant see it.

Some folks thought I was making it up that only my right arm pit started having more hair but now I have further proof of my one hairier side! Aha!

Yesterday morning before meeting Ciara for lunch and a wee shopping trip round Macys and Target in our mummy to be -yummy time that we are squeezing in, I went to the spa and got my eyebrows waxed and shaped. I only need it maybe once a year as the eyebrows are normally like my underarms - not hairy and very fine. That and I cant do it myself as I cry too much trying to pluck the odd hair. I'll be honest, I stream so many tears plucking one hair you think I was cutting onions for a world record or something.

So Tiffany was plucking away and waxing while I cried and mentioned that she didn't want to thin out my right eye brow but had to as it was so much thicker hair then the left eyebrow. She thought I had tried to pluck left eyebrow but I haven't. AHA! I said - I know why right eyebrow is so much thicker, its the pregnancy, my right side of body is hairier!

Further proof that I'm asymmetrical in hair growth!

I left with my two very pink eyebrows of surprise both now equally fine - thankfully that look of shock and surprise from getting eyebrows waxed went away in a couple of hours before I met Ciara.


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