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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

well duh...

Again I dont make these up and too funny

Week 39 Pregnancy Tip
Tips to Ease the Discomfort of Delivery

Hi sinead,

Labor can be sometimes uncomfortable. Here are some ideas to ease the pain when the time comes:
Try laboring while positioned on your hands and knees, to ease pressure on your back
Ask someone to massage your back
Apply heat to your back
Try soaking in a warm tub
Request pain medications or ask for an epidural


Even my sister Fig who by time her 4th one came is super quick labor and needs someone there with a catchers mitt says labor is a bit more than uncomfortable.. So that part is just funny. And love that after all the tips - request pain med or epidural. This and by time some women get this email already in labor. (or like me having braxton hicks all morning and trying to talk the Hobbit into staying in rent free until next week so I finish my to do list!)


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