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Thursday, September 13, 2007

True Love

True Love is staying awake to feed the High King (Ard Ri in Irish) even knowing that he's fussy at that hour so that your wife can get more than one hour sleep and even maybe 3 or gasp 4 in a row.. What a wonderful Hubbie I have. He has been staying up late to feed Ard Ri so I can get some needed kip and zzz's. I now go to bed when Fionn does at 9=10ish then himself takes him for midnight feed so I can get some zz's to 2am. That's True Love. Even though I am pretty knackered and tired, I'm so happy and so blessed its not that bad. I now have two wonderful men who are loves of my life. Not bad eh!

Granny and Grandad Mac are also now in town and Granny Mac has done a late night feed so that both myself and himself got some sleep - yeah ! Would have worked well if Ard Ri had slept from 5am to 10am yesterday as well but sure you take what you get and run with it. Granny also made him a lovely baby ring - will post pics and sure my Dad will also be taking lots of pics. Grandad couldn't understand why we swaddle the baby. So left him unswaddled with him for half hour after feed. Soon was asking for swaddle.. It settles him down so quickly and when you think how squashed the baby is inside me and then to come out and feel so much scary space around them, no wonder they like swaddles. That and its been done for eons, only recently that western folks stopped swaddling at all. He also loves the sling and being next to me when I go around the house. My Mum was worried might be too heavy (looks like out of 3 month swaddles already...) but sure as I pointed out already carrying worlds largest boobs, or it feels like it...

Its 5.57am and just finished a feed and he's asleep (all cross fingers goes to 8am yeah!), hubbie took the night shift which started at 11am and went to 1am as he was a wee fusspot. We watched the finale of who wants to be a superhero last week. Himself is my superhero for letting me sleep as well as being such an active Dad. Yeah for Dad and Mam's everywhere. Always appreciated mine, now so much more

You have yourselves a good morning. I'll be seeing sun rise soon...


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