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Saturday, September 22, 2007


So brought my Mum and myself for a luxury pedicure and manicure yesterday while the boys minded Ard Ri...

Located in Los Gatos - very snazzy rich village near us http://www.prestonwynne.com/spas/losgatos/

The manicure started with heat wraps around your neck, rose water to soak your fingers in with hot stones, sugar scrub and warm wet heat on your hands and arms... That was fantastic but even better was the pedicure... We sat in lazy boy chairs, while they sugar scrubbed, massaged our feet and legs and also scrubbed away all our callouses as well as our worries while we sipped on champagne and chocolates infused with ginger...

Meanwhile back at the ranch the two Grandads and himself looked after wee son who slept most of the time while Mammy and Granny were away.

He must of caught the relaxing bug as he slept till nearly 530 and only fed for 5 minutes before going back asleep again... And I was in bed by 11 and had nearly 6 hours sleep yeah!

Granny and Grandad Mac leave Monday - we'll miss them lots - its weird as my folks get to spend a lot of time with the grandchildren in Ireland but as my Mam pointed out not this much time. They've literally seen Fionn change under their eyes.. From starting to babble more, to put on weight and height and to start looking at you in the eyes and interacting to now first smiles. And also giving me some much sleep and help..

They also have discovered http://www.mervyns.com/ local department store that has brand names discounted but a lovely store where you can find clothes easily as well laid out. They bought more suitcases for all the stuff they bought which is mainly Christmas pressies for kids at home.. Even my Dad loves the store! Himself bought a new snazzy suit for the Christening Sunday. We have over 40 folks coming now - looking forward to them meeting wee King here. Hopefully he'll be in a social mood ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend folks. I'm off for a shower - 6am showers is now way to get them in before he wakes up ;-)


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