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Sunday, October 07, 2007

week 6

Fionn week 6 :-) if Fionn was writing might go like this

Busy week - Monday we had dinner with friends of the auld folks - Rebekah, Elijah and their two boys and Ian and Lesley at Maxs restaurant. Good as gold throughout whole meal. I cooed and slept though most of it. The wee boys woke me up with shrieking though but I thought I handled it well.

Tuesday went to Good Sam mothers group with Mam and started to look at other babies. I'm still longer than most of the other 6 week old babies :-) Putting on weight nicely.

Wednesday went to lunch with Mammy and her friends Susan at Effies, that was fine but still don't like that car seat. I cry but nobody is taking the hint that I want to drive. Mam put a fisher price toy dashboard in back for me that she can start with a remote control in front. Plays music and flashes lights. I looked at it for a while but then made sure I shouted louder than the music. Next few days I was fine in car seat. I like to keep them guessing. Wednesday evening Mammy went to Irish Network AGM and Daddy took care of me. I was fine for a while and then had Daddy walking around apartment with me treading the boards. I like to look like I'm asleep and then wake up and yell to make them all sit up. I do like that baby swing though. They hung a toy monkey that goes around and around the top. Wonder where he's going. I better keep an eye on him.

Thursday went to Valley Fair Mall with Mammy and Tanya with her wee 6 month old boy. Mam didn't buy me anything as shes still trying to get me to wear all clothes we got from friends, family and free-cycle. Tuesday she had me in legwarmers.. All I can say is I cant wait till I can choose my own clothes. We went into the posh baby store. We laughed at a pair of designer baby jeans for $175 for a 3 month old. Mammy is wondering can she sell those folks a bridge... Mammy put lullaby music and nursery rhymes on her Ipod Shuffle for the car to see if that helps with the car. Those nursery rhymes are really violent. Humpty dumpty should sue someone for not putting him back together again..

Friday stayed at home with Mammy and Daddy. Daddy went to doctors for annual physical but had to reschedule as doctor was out. Mammy went to baby doctor to pick up forms and got the flu shot there. I go see Stanford blood doctor next Thursday and week after that its time to get my shots.. Hopefully all be well so I can go to Ireland and visit all my cousins in Ireland soon.

Saturday chilled at home and we all took a long nap in the afternoon. I think the parents needed it more than I did. It was cold again and I needed the heat turned on. I liked looking at the log burning in the fireplace as well.

Then Sunday went to church a little late as Mammy and Daddy were slow in getting me ready and then after brunch in Effies where all the waiters know me now I went home and had a great 3 hour nap in afternoon. Mammy was playing sound of ocean when I was sleeping as no more fans in the room with being colder. I like background noise when I'm sleeping. Then I played in my baby ring that Granny Mac made me and looked at the gym activity center on my baby ring for first time. Granny Mac was here a few weeks ago and I saw her yesterday but she looked very flat. Mammy said that's because shes on Skype on the computer but I don't know what she means. Sometimes I hear her voice and my aunties from a small silver brick my Mum uses called a cell phone. They must be very small to fit in there. After 10 minutes I had enough of the gym and we had a bath later. I still don't like them and don't see why I need them. Its not like I'm a dirty baby. Couldn't I grow up and be a garbage man or a farmer so I don't need to wash that often?

I had a very busy week - I don't think my Mammys and Daddys social life was this good before I came....

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