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Sunday, September 30, 2007

zoom - theres another week

So week zoomed by.

My folks left Monday morning for a week at my sisters inlaws in New Hampshire, Jan's Dad left Tuesday, Arv left Saturday and we had Rhett over Tuesday night for a visit, Arv came here Thursday, Friday and Saturday for visits and Kerensa and Brad over Friday night for some excellent Chinese food and yesterday we had a fun night at Tony Roma's with Ciara and Danny stuffing ourselves with ribs while Fionn hung out on me in a sling...

I'm knackered. I can only imagine be much more tired if wee one wasnt sleeping 5-6 hours. With all visitors though hard to get a nap in afternoon when baby sleeps and think thats key.

I did however go through all my pre-preggers clothes I had put in black plastic bags and sort them out. Another bag of clothes to give away on freecycle.org. Already gave away two large bags before that. Good news is that I fit into my pre-preggers trousers without jumping off a closet or using butter. Are they way loose... No, but they fit so looking forward to getting even more weight off me. The scales is heading in right direction and whats better is the fat ratio that our scale shows me is down also. So burning fat which is great.

I haven't made it to the Mammy stroller class at 8am Tuesdays yet. My Doc said to wait at least 6 weeks before trying exercise - which makes sense as I keep forgetting I did have abdominal surgery..

I made it to the breast feeding support group also this week. Next week hoping to make it to the Y as they have childcare for up to 2 hours a day there so I can get a swim in and also make it to the new Mummy group as well. Wish us luck. He's still not so fond of car seat but as Danny said his kid was great in car seat but horrible in restaurant. So far Fionn sleeps in restaurant and horrible in car seat. Guess take that option over not being able to eat out or hang out at friends at all...


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