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Monday, October 29, 2007

library card - mark of passage

I think everyone who loves to read remembers their first library card, remembers the smell of their library and their favourite corner to sneak into and read a book. My Dad brought us down to the library every couple of weeks and I wished I could take out more and more books. I remember being allowed to get an adult card at age 7 as I had pretty much read all the books in the childrens section and wanted to read more. As a kid who didnt really go out to play and didnt socialize much or well (my neighbors thought my Mum had 3 girls instead of 4 as I never went outside). Books were my secret island. I could disappear inside books for hours and days soaking up new adventures.

So Friday went down to Campbell library and got a card for Fionn. First they asked his birthday. On trying to enter system wouldn't accept it. Seems not many folks get a under 1 yr old never mind a 9 week old their own library card.. Are you sure you don't just want to get books on your card for him they asked. No I replied, it's a rite of passage getting your first card. Well they said you need to know that under privacy act you can't know what he takes out on his own card.. I laughed asking if theres many babies crawling in asking for more risque picture board books.. Imagining.. no not that one on the Wiggles give me one of the brown papered covered ones from under counter wink wink if I could wink..

So after putting in his birthday as 2006 for the system to accept him my wain got his first library card. He got a picture book on dogs, sleeping (must be comedy book) and one on Vikings but I'm not supposed to know that...


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