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Thursday, October 18, 2007

note to self

So when Fionn's older and wants to borrow the car or space ship or air car (heh - like to imagine what we will be driving then, I thought we'd have teleporting by now for sure like Star Trek transporters..)

as I was saying - when he's older and wants to borrow the car - I'm going to remind him how he screamed blue murder in car seat as a baby and I had to pull off roads and park to calm him down. (Like yesterday coming back from Tanyas on 880). He also missed that memo that car seats are calming for babies. So you screamed so you must not have liked the car so cant borrow it now ....nah nah nah nah

And he does better in my car than himselfs as the prius doesnt make any noise while driving and is way smoother. I can see kids in the future not as calmed down by car rides if we all go hybrids. Like riding golf cars. And kids playing at pretending to drive will make what sound then ? Just a hummmmm instead of vroom vroom...

Lack of sleep makes me think such things folks. I blame it on lack of sleep...

Baby Borg did go out in stroller today for first time to park and didnt scream hardly at all. He was calm and looking out at folks for the whole walk until we got back and I went to starbucks inside Safeway for a cup of tea and bun. I tried green tea latte. I've had it so you dont have to. Its disgusting.. I made such a face that the guy behind the counter ran over to see if I was ok and then rescued me with an earl gray cup of tea. Much better.

Then baby starting yelling as I went to drink my tea. Its a good way to diet. Every time I go to eat and drink a cup of tea he yells and needs me. I wish I could say that this has led to me being svelt but I have found I can now shove food in my gob with one hand at super sonic speed. That and I suddenly have a sweet tooth breastfeeding I never had before. I'd flash my knickers for a chocolate bar. Its that bad.

Ok - off to bed. I should have been in bed hour ago when baby was sleeping but got to type with two hands so yeah!

Have a good weekend folks.


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