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Monday, October 29, 2007

lemonade from lemons..or buying another phone

So my cell phone wont charge any more. And keeps crashing so took sim card out and went back to old phone. That phone however only works on speaker. (probably something to do with fact that it went over a balcony down two levels.. but not sure..) So not great for those not shouting calls...
I started to look at other phones and in passing asked a friend re iPhone - does it work with outlook for my email expecting a no.. Yes it does he said. Umm.. And not only that but he offered to use his discount for us. So a new iPhone is on way to me. I can blog on the fly, look at my email and make calls and have a slideshow of my wee boy..

So exciting and looking forward to having it in my hands to play with it. The friend asked me if I needed a bluetooth with it. Before I shouted yes I thought about the bluetooth headsets I already have, counted 4, then realized also have two speakerphones as well..

Hello I'm Sinead and I'm addicted to buying bluetooth headsets... First stage is admitting the issue right!


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