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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


So a 5.6 mag earthquake hit Bay Area - about 10 miles away from us but in mountain -
Still room shook, everything rattled and we ran under the door jam with me, hubbie and baby. I was breast feeding at time and baby didn't care there was an earthquake -he just wanted it inserted back in his mouth pronto. So sitting on a chair under door jam fed him and waited till aftershocks over.
So just when you think - well at least not near wildfires you get a kick in arse re remembering this is a quake and shake state. Not that bad a shake and prefer lots of wee quakes so we don't have such a big one but still scary when you're holding your wee one.
night night folks and make sure you have your water and canned goods ready in an emergency box for whatever mother nature throws at you :-)


At 11:18 AM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

That is a good sized quake indeed. I'm glad you're alright. My dh's Aunt and Uncle live up there...about 5 miles or so from the golden gate...beautiful place to visit. I loved the ocean breeze A/C units...and the temps were such a refreshing break...but housing prices, and those scary steep streets, lol.


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