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Friday, November 16, 2007

Irish Mammys

So in Ireland its called your Mammy, Mam and Mum, here its your Mommy and in UK your Mother, Mum and Mummy..

Also noticed a difference as well. When American Mommys get together - they all talk about the children, babies and seems all about the kids. And if they speak about themselves its in relation to the kids. I didn't get any sleep etc etc. Or where they got clothes etc. (speaking of which saw a pair of 3 month baby jeans in mall - $375 ! bloody stupid but that's another post)

Irish Mammys - well so far I noticed and I seem to remember from home as well, when the Irish Mammys meet up its all about the craic (irish word for fun), a good natter, chatting about nearly everything else but the wee kids. The kids are mentioned occasionally but more about the adults. We like having adult conversation again.

Its not a 100% rule but seems to be more the rule than not. Is it just me or do folks here seem more obsessed re their kids. Don't get me wrong - love mine to bits but still like chatting to folks every now and again who I don't have to wipe their chins.....


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