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Saturday, December 08, 2007


Obviously my son is an Irishman at heart. Thats my explanation for the fact he took a week to get back on California time and only a day to go to Irish Time. Since we got back hes been awake every 2 hours during night and only now getting back into swing. Hence my no blogging since barely awake enough to do anything but change his nappy....

Brilliant trip to Ireland. Will blog much later but heres the photo of the 8 grandkids all in one spot. There was 12 adults and 8 kids under 8 at my home in Ireland for one weekend. Enough said. Thankfully Mam and Dad got the attic converted in August so two bathrooms and one more bedroom. Otherwise we would have been out in garden in tents (which my cousin Steven once did at my sisters wedding...)

Enjoy and more later including viking ships, Scotland, glendalough or back to scene of crime, family, friends and packing Everest and presents for Fionn back into bags..


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