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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stanford for Fionn already!

So Fionn is off to Stanford on Wednesday. They asked for him to come in. Its the psych department where they will roll a ball behind an object and see if he tracks it... My son the Stanford man already hah

Also Friday we are off to the Stanford kids hospital to finally hopefully find out if he has Hereditary Spherecytosis or not. Last tests - showed one where he did and one where he didnt.. Still cant figure out why they couldnt just do these tests first week he was born like anywhere else in the world.. They have so so many newborn tests and because its not a common condition here like Europe they dont test for it. They did test him for 16 kinds of sickle cell anemias... daft and expensive to boot

Anyhoo thats me off soap wagon. Being a psych grad myself I'm interested in the labs and seeing the setup. Its thankfully not the scary glass cliff tests they did back in the 60's and piagets fun of testing blind children to see what they could do or couldnt without of course explaining anything to the poor kids..

I wonder if I should get the cap and gown made now... He probably just drool all over it...


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