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Sunday, December 16, 2007

YMCA so cheap its scary

So local YMCA has a childcare onsite for folks working out, swimming etc. $25 for a year, yes $25 for a YEAR and you can drop your wee one off for up to 90 mins a day Monday through Sunday while you take some time for yourself. And its a fantastic daycare.

They also have one Friday night a month where they have babysitting from 5-9pm for $25. The infant section is separate from the kids section and they have EVERYTHING, three swings, 3 bouncers, mobiles to bat at, cribs, two exersaucers and three rocking chairs for the caretakers.

When I did a trial run Thursday with wee man while I took a 15 dip in pool and shower (both heavenly for having any time to myself ;-) I came back to a staff lady holding Fionn, him asleep on her and she was rocking back and forth in the chair. So Friday night he went there and he was all smiles and giggles when we picked him up. They said they also liked my list for him as knew exactly how to make him as happy as he could be.

And its a brilliant place. So good that Jan on seeing how happy the kids where and games they were playing said how he wished his folks had left him at a place like that sometimes when he was growing up.

So check out your local YMCA. We'll be signing up for more Friday nights and now I have no excuse not to get in shape again. They will be minding munchkin while I march up and down the swimming lanes...


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merry christmas, sinead!


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