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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Heres Fionn at Stanford at the Psych department.

He got to watch objects passing behind a big rectangle on a huge TV screen in the dark and they were seeing would he anticipate it coming behind the rectangle on other side... I wore dark glasses so I couldn't hint him along... He got a free toy and liked the attention. Whether or not he anticipated the rectangle coming we wont find out for a while.. Of course I think he did but sure I'm his mother.. Luckily he had the advantage of already being a TV addict at such a young age.

The horrible head cold and cough he has didn't slow him down at the University. That afternoon slowed me down when I had to change my top 4 times from poor wee man finally getting up the mucus.. Now I know how the ghostbuster team felt like after being slimed...


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