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Friday, December 14, 2007

Yeah ! No HS for the wee man

So looks like Fionn DOESNT HAVE Hereditary Spherecyctosis. Yeah Yeah and double Yeah. If I could do a backflip I would. But that would involve cranes etc. Actually if they managed to get a hold of back of my massive bra and twang it that might work but I digress..

So back at Stanford Hospital today where wee man got his blood tested and all looks normal and well. Theres one test to come back next week but head guy said its really unlikely to be abnormal as last one wasnt. So good news for us here.

Tonight hes off to hang out with his new friends at the YMCA for 3 or so hours while me and hubbie and good mates Susan and Subrata go to Elements for dinner and celebrate their great news of 4 months into their pregnancy. So yeah!

Of course all I really want to do is go for a nap for that time instead as I was out last night at my work Christmas Party while hubbie minded wee man. I tell ya I married well folks, I dropped baby off to him at work after a trial wee run at the Y where I also did a dip in swimming pool and he took over no bother.

So I went off to San Francisco last night in rush from changing at Y and bringing him to Daddy. I was dressed in a lovely black party dress and two right different black shoes.. Yep theres always something as I limped in two different right shoes - thankfully a very sit down night so nobody realized except my physical therapist who asked what the hell did I do to throw my hips out so badly this morning at 730am...

Heres wee man at Stanford with Dad.


At 7:49 AM, Blogger jazz bird said...

Hooray!!! That's so awesome.

At 5:36 AM, Blogger beckah said...

grats! you have a beautiful baby & family. i' m so happy the tests gave you good results.

At 8:52 AM, Blogger raqgold said...

yuhooo, that's great news! we just had another battle with sickness, MC had to spend her birthday with blood tests in the hospital :( but she's ok now.


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