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Monday, December 17, 2007

small step and large splash

So took another run at giving the wee man a bath. They haven't been peaceful affairs which makes me laugh when folks say give babies a bath to calm them down before sleeping, or that driving around makes them sleep. Neither does for my wee lad. After a coughing fit this morning he spat mainly over me but he needed a dip as well.

So filled baby bath up to nearly the top, yanked up the temp in the house to nearly 80 degrees and sat beside the wee bath with himself and played with some water bright toys Colin and Caroline had got us. Then sat closer and wet his feet and splashed his toes in water, then stood him up in the bath and still splashed the bubbles and played with the toys. Than sat him down ... and no tears, he reached for the toys and nearly grinned.. He didn't like the hair washing but bit of cradle cap which California baby's lavender tea tree oil shampoo is a miracle for and got rid of easily.

So small step for Fionn but large one for Mammy. I cant see us doing it nightly and lets face it hes not exactly doing a commando through mud that he needs it but its heartwarming that hes starting to like it :-)

Then off we went to Target to do some last minute shopping and he fell asleep - not in the car but in Target. Hes obviously a man and doesn't like to browse the bargain aisles like Mammy does.

Have a wonderful week folks. I'm off to lick more envelopes and get these cards out!


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