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Friday, December 28, 2007

new years 2007-2008

Off to Florida for New Years to ring in with my in-laws and Fionn to see his Gram for first time. So excited !

2007 has been an amazing year, this time last year I was just 6 weeks pregnant and sleeping all day if I could. Now we have a 4 and half month old and we would sleep all day if we could...

Its been one of blessings, new life, smiles, laughter and love. I am blessed with a wonderful husband who shows me new roads to share and who is as geeky as me (the fact that we argue whos a geek vs. nerd among us shows us how geeky nerdy we are..). I love him with all my heart and the fact that we made the little guy, well that just brings tears to my eyes.

I pledge to get fit again. I was with sisterchick when we were walking (and she got me from 1/2 mile to nearly 7 mile walks there in 2006 and I lapsed sadly this year to just walking in a pool. At one point I was so fit, I didnt even need the walking sticks she made so much fun of. That and the hobbit cloak I wore...) I miss her so much since her move to NY but I know its the fit and place for her. Hard to be a city slicker in Campbell. But I also made new friends in 2007 and reconnected with older ones through going home and the power of the internet. On gmail chat today with Finola and was great to be able to chat to someone from home and we both pledged to get walking so I will. I will even bring a pedometer to Florida since bringing buggy and bring Fionn out for lots of Vitamin D sunshine.

So as we once again try and pack for everest into two bags and a rollon, buggy, carseat, carseat base, child, diaper bag and toys (his and ours as we are bringing our Nintendo Wii...) I wish all of you a very blessed New Years.

May your New Years be filled with dreams come true save one small one so that you always have something to wish for..


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