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Sunday, December 30, 2007

hot lazy days

long flight to Miami but short in comparison to the flight to ireland. 5 hrs and then 3 hr drive to Jan's folks. We flew over where they live on west coast and seemed very unfair that we couldn't just teleport down. Why haven't they invented that yet ? I could use it to zoom over to my parents, see my sisters on a weekend and swap stories, meet sisterchick on a night for a walk in NY and drop over to Mumbai for cup tea with my mate H. Even local travel be better. Wouldn't need cars so less pollution ( as imagining would be green type energy like light travel).

So stepped out from airport and boom there was a heat wave of languid hot air rolling over my whole body. I thought I was wearing light clothes but forgot how the humidity brings it to a underarm soaking level. Reminds me when Gra my sister first came to visit and I told her was really hot. So hot in Irish terms she wore a tshirt with her jeans. . . She stepped out of airport terminal and the wave of heat slammed into her like a brick. Get the truck and pick me up she said running back into the cold comfort of the AC.

Got into Jan's folks place at nearly 10. Gram and Grandpa so happy see little chap who was loving all the attention. He got a lovely big red radio flyer wagon which he can keep here. He is in his wee red tent on the floor asleep after we did a mile wee walk with him in the buggy. Nice lazy day but good to start walking again. Happy Pre New Years Eve to everyone. We will be doing wee party here with fondue shrimp. Coconut for everyone and breadcrumbed for me as allergic to coconut.


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