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Monday, January 14, 2008

we get to play

So Friday night me and himself went to Watercourse Way hot tubs and spa and wee man went to the Y at parents night out. We had a lovely time and sisterchick had got us the gift cert for the hot tubs to treat ourselves and we did! We enjoyed the wonderful hot tub room that also had steam room and a cold plunge in it as well. I'll leave the cold plunge to the Finns. I like my water hot thank you very much..

When we got back to the Y there was wee man himself happy as larry to see us and smiling and cudding with the workers. How was he I asked. He was the best baby they said and they one admitted that he was only baby that didnt cry. They were fighting to look after him, saying its my turn to hold him as he was only one not screaming his head off. Thats my boy :-)
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