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Friday, January 18, 2008

first week

So survived first week back to work. Tuesday was hectic and by Thursday in my stride and then off Friday. Makes it kind of easier. Lots of customer issues to work with. My workpartner D is a fantastic sales rep - easily the best. When it comes to customer issues he tends to put his head in sand or overpromise and underdeliver. So me to rescue with cape and apology in hand. So saved a few deals, mended some fences and got some Thank God you're back S ! emails from customers which is always nice

F1's week - well his new funny words this week were donut, foggy and bagel. They found tiggles in his toes and he loves the swing at Catherines. He's a happy wee boy and I had him all to myself today so yummy day.

Have a good weekend folks. Hope you find your funny word of the day


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