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Monday, January 21, 2008

Murphys Law

So Friday night smoke alarm went off at 530am. We popped out of bed and checked and burnt smell in kitchen (which is common with my cooking) but no smoke, and couldnt find anything. So unplugged everything and also I turned off the heat. Then went back to our bedroom and I could smell it in our wee bathroom. So thought might be heater and glad turned it off as heat blows through our house with hot air.

So Saturday tried turning it on and heard burner in furnace start up but 10 mins later no hot air. So turned it off and called landlord. Gary was over yesterday with toolbox and plastic tub in hand (that looks very like the one we also got from the hospital after Fionn was born....) Turns out blower was indeed dead so he went looking for parts.

Now normally wouldnt be a big deal as we live in Sunny California. Well of course Saturday, Sunday, Monday and indeed all through this week is a cold spell where its 8 degrees C/44 F during the day and 2C/37F at night so chilly willy for us! And Monday is a bank Holiday for Martin Luther King Day so no heating shops open for parts.

So he returned again Sunday after we had gone for a walk for breakfast with Fionn in Stroller to warm up with two heaters in hand. They are such good landlords. So had the wee heater on last night and blankets on us in living room and heater on in bedroom and we were just like Goldilocks and it was just right....

Happy Martin Luther King Day folks


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