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Friday, January 25, 2008

wet and soggy

Ventured out to meet some other Mums and my mate Patricia for lunch at Effies. (where service is fantastic and food is well..... well its not cooked by me so its great!)

So its raining
a lot..

So Thankfully I had my see through umbrella bought for me by sisterchick as one of my coolest Xmas pressies a few years ago. I had mentioned how much I loved it as a kid in wet and soggy Ireland - fair enough your top half is only part not wet but still better than all of you being a wet dishrag.

Its quite handy for getting the wee man into the carseat and car. He was covered like his own wee bubble tent and looking around quite calmly while I battled the rain to get him into the car. I had organized the wee lunch meetup so kinda had to go. And as folks know I will happily start conversations with walls (making up for all those years as a kid where I talked to nobody till I was 14 and just read lots and lots of books...) So off I went and we were dryer than day old toast on top and I was just soggy on the bottom.

Then afterwards went to Mervyns for some new cozy fuzzy all in ones for Gandalf Jnr as he did a stretch last week and now in 6-9 months clothes and some 9-12 months ones as well. At least Mervyns is cheap. On sale at the mall was baby jeans by ralph lauren for $85 for 3 month old. Seriously. And another store baby jeans for $375 to go with Mummys designer jeans at also $375. For piece of clothing that baby gets maybe a month out of. Friggin Criminal. And of course being made in some warehouse store where they make all makes and models right beside each other.

So we finished battling the rain and back home again. All ready now to pack for weekend

Have a good weekend folks...


At 7:11 AM, Blogger raqgold said...

awwws, kiddie clothings at 85 dollars a piece, hmmm... next store please :D


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