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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

dressing up

So Saturday was the Irish Network Dance. Pretty much the committee was left to myself and few others over last couple of years and then to nobody so I organized the dance for Saturday. Not a bad showing like 65 people for 4 course meal and wine included and dancing. It was great to see some folks havnt seen in ages. Its funny though as Irish people would be late for their own funeral if they could. I had 24 RSVP Monday so I booked for 60 knowing irish folks as I do. Sure enough day of yes the day of the dance people paying and showing up.

Hubbie is here dressed in lovely waistcoat that we got in Columbia State park - I love it on him. Beside him is Douglas - lovely guy who is married to lovely Fiona a friend of mine and I used to mind their two very funny wee boys.

The Network is winding down and so setting up a yahoo group so folks can still organize nights like this one. The Irish social club in the area is in the same boat so we're going to join the same yahoo group. Of course that started a discussion re the name of the group and it literally brought flashbacks of Monty Pythons life of Brian - the Judean peoples front or front of judean people.

It was a great night and our friends Aki and Francisco minded the wee lad - who of course decided wow you're cool I'm going to stay up and talk to you and jump in my bounceroo. Poor lads - they were happy we got home.

I ordered 25 bottles of wine for dinner for the Irish Folks - we went through 36 - thats with at least 3 people I know not drinking as one was pregnant. Who says stereotypes arent true.
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